Green Party confirms GPR candidate

Par Claude Martel
Green Party confirms GPR candidate

The Ontario office of the Green Party announced confirmation of Riden’s as its candidate in an email release to local news outlets April 5. A long-time resident of the area, Riden is well-known for his dedication to sustainable and organic farming practices.

«COVID-19 laid bare the stark realities of food insecurity, supply chain fragility, inequality, and the intensifying impacts of the climate emergency,» stated Riden. «We need to urgently crush climate pollution and protect nature to build a more liveable and sustainable province.»

Riden is on the board of directors of the Eco-East non-profit group that is lobbying municipalities within Prescott-Russell and also the United Counties of Prescott-Russell for a regional climate action plan. He was involved in helping Beau’s Brewery Ltd. in Vankleek Hill get its certification as a B-Corp, advocating for the company on the Sustain Ontario board of directors, and helping to manage the brewery’s organic certification status.

«Thaila is a champion for his community and the environment,» stated Mike Schreiner, Ontario Green Party leader. «Ontario needs more voices at Queen’s Park with a true commitment to stewardship and sustainability.»

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