SNC issues flood risk update

SNC issues flood risk update

Environment Canada has forecasted milder temperatures as high as 15 degrees Celsius throughout the next week, as well as up to 50 millimetres of rainfall by March 20. Due to this, the SNC predicts higher water levels and possible nuisance flooding across the jurisdiction. Ice breakup is also expected, leading to unstable ice conditions. 

“Residents are advised to exercise extreme caution when near rivers and waterbodies as the forecasted weather may rapidly increase river flows and cause slippery conditions,” the SNC said in the release. “Parents are encouraged to explain these dangers to their children.” 

The SNC also recommends that residents living in low-lying areas or areas susceptible to flooding should take all possible precautions. It recommends making sure sump pumps are in good, clear working condition and have a backwater valve fitted, downspouts are clear and empty at least three meters from the house, all loose items that could float away are secured, and that residents have easy access to a portable backup generator and pump. 

The statement will be in effect until March 22, or until another update is issued. 

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