Russell accepting namesake submissions

Russell accepting namesake submissions

The township began looking for a new namesake following 2020’s George Floyd protests, when it came to attention that current namesake Peter Russell owned and traded black slaves. He was also believed to be an active participant in delaying legislation that would put an end to slavery in Ontario. Recognizing the offensive nature of the individual and rejecting his values, the township created the Russell Namesake Rededication Committee to oversee the search for a new namesake.  

From now until March 23, residents of the township can submit possible new namesakes to the Rededication Committee. The nominee must have « Russell » as a first, middle, or last name, and the resident must provide a detailed, well-researched explanation of why the nominee is worthy of such important recognition. The explanation must list all positives and negatives about the « Russell » being nominated, including documents to help the committee verify these claims. 

All accepted nominations will be displayed at the « Russell Namesake Expo » event in May. Those who nominate a “Russell” will have a booth to explain why their nomination should be chosen as the namesake. 

Submissions can be made at, or by contacting Patrick Auger at or 613-443-3066 extension 2312. Accessibility support will also be provided. 

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