Mayor’s Golf Tournament to expand into further fundraising

Mayor’s Golf Tournament to expand into further fundraising

During its Committee of the Whole meeting on February 23, Clarence-Rockland council received a notice of motion presented by Mayor Mario Zanth, moving to establish a Mayor’s Fund meant to provide funding opportunities for local service organizations. 

Currently, the Mayor’s Golf Tournament raises funds for Youth Scholarships in competitive sports, arts, and cultural activities, or to provide free admission to family-oriented activities organized by the City of Clarence-Rockland. Zanth’s motion proposes that the scope of fundraising be expanded beyond this single annual golf tournament, and that the funds be distributed to more than just youth scholarships and free admission to events. 

Zanth’s motion moves that more fundraising activities be organized and that a Mayor’s Fund be established to collect the raised money. Organizations would then be able to apply for funding, as opposed to the current system of the Mayor’s Golf Tournament choosing recipients itself. 

The motion will be reviewed and voted on during the next regular meeting, scheduled for March 7. 

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