Mayor St-Amour confirms reelection goal

Mayor St-Amour confirms reelection goal

“Yes, I am, I will be putting my name in,” said St-Amour during a January 21 phone interview. 

St-Amour became mayor of The Nation during the 2010 election and has been re-elected twice. 

He said his main goal for a fourth mandate as mayor would be to continue expanding the municipality’s tax base. 

“It’s all about economic development,” he said, “especially our industrial and commercial base. It’s very important.” 

St-Amour noted that The Nation still has a smaller industrial and commercial tax base for its size compared to other municipalities in the Prescott-Russell region. That means the annual budget depends more on residential property taxes for its municipal revenue. St-Amour wants to see more industrial and commercial growth for the area to reduce the property tax burden on homeowners. 

This year’s municipal election takes place in October. 

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