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Russell township collects voter information

Russell Township and the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation are collecting voter information to prepare for the 2022 municipal election.

As the Township of Russell approaches its next municipal and school board election, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is preparing to compile a Preliminary List of Electors, which is a registry of all eligible voters in the area. MPAC is asking residents to submit and verify their information ahead of time at www.voterlookup.ca  

This website is a secure database that serves as a central repository for voter information. Residents can submit and update information as necessary. The township asks all residents interested in voting to submit their information ahead of time to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Go to www.voterlookup.ca and provide a name, date of birth, citizenship, and the relevant school board to the database. Closer to election time, municipalities will use the Preliminary List of Electors to prepare their Voters Lists for the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections.