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le Mercredi 19 janvier 2022 18:17 | mis à jour le 8 avril 2022 19:21 Tribune-Express (Hawkesbury)

Inclement weather continues to batter region

  Gregg Chamberlain
Gregg Chamberlain
Although the snowstorm has passed, its effects are still being felt.

The huge snowstorm that ripped through the region on January 17 is still causing problems two days later. The snow it left behind has softened into slush, making driving both difficult and dangerous, and a drop in temperatures may make it harden into ice. Meanwhile, the weather continues to drop precipitation across the region, with rain or hail depending on the local temperatures making the situation even more precarious.

Citizens are cautioned to stay home unless necessary, as both plows and emergency services are overtaxed at the moment.