Catch the Ace fundraiser returns

Catch the Ace fundraiser returns

Tickets are on sale now for $10 each, and the first draw will be Sunday, January 23 at 3:15 pm. Purchase your tickets online at or from Winchester Foodland, The Finch Market, Laughlin’s Country Store in Hallville, and The Brinston General Store. 

“The last Catch the Ace lottery raised more than $300,000 for new equipment for the WDMH Diagnostic Imaging department,” said Kristen Casselman, WDMH Foundation Managing Director. “Thank you to the Kin Club of Russell and everyone who will be joining in the Catch the Ace fun in 2022!” 

Catch the Ace is a progressive lottery that starts with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Each card is sealed in an envelope numbered 1 to 52, and the buyer chooses an envelope number. Every week a ticket is drawn, the winner receives the weekly jackpot and is allowed to open the envelope they wrote down. If the ace of spades is inside, that person wins the grand prize jackpot, and the game is over. As the game progresses, the jackpot grows and the odds of winning increase as the available envelopes are reduced. 

Draws are held live each Sunday at 3:15 PM on Facebook. For full details, ongoing updates, and rules of play, visit 


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