Hawkesbury OPP constable Gray receives award

Hawkesbury OPP constable Gray receives award

Commander Inspector Chris McGillis awarded Constable Gray with an OPP Values Coin in a small ceremony on November 1. 

“His tireless efforts and professional manner continually bring a positive light to the OPP,” OPP East Region said in a Facebook post. 

The Values Coin is an internal award meant to recognize officers who go above and beyond in their duties. Gray, who serves as the Community Safety Officer and Media Relations Officer for the Hawkesbury OPP, is known for his strong relationship with the community and the support he renders to both residents and other officers. 

“It does feel good to be recognized, absolutely,” Gray said, “but everyone is doing a fantastic job, so to be honest, I was doing my job. I hope people get the information they need and a good feeling for the pieces I do to have people smile. It’s been a hard few years and we are still not done, so if my little contribution is a positive one, then I am truly happy.” 

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