Christmas displays of cheer, hope and magic

Christmas displays of cheer, hope and magic

The return of local Christmas parades in many communities of Prescott-Russell serves as a sign both that the pandemic conditions of this winter are not the same as those last year. Now people are no longer confined every day within their homes, they are able to get out and about, for normal business like grocery shopping, and also visit family and friends who are part of their social bubble. 

Vaccinations also mean people have more freedom to move around, so long as they also continue to observe precautions to help reduce the risk of either the original COVID-19 or one of the nariants from spreading. 

This winter, even in the shadow of a fourth wave of COVID-19 thanks to Omicron variant, there is growing hope and optimism that things will be better as the rainbow symbol and the phrase “Ça va bien être” promises. 

Around Prescott-Russell, homeowners, businessowners, and municipalities all are making extra efforts to help create hope with displays of Christmas magic. During the remaining days until the start of the new year, it is worthwhile going for a drive or a walk to view some of these displays and to remember that bad times are not forever and things can always be better in the future. 

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