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Council denies support for mayor’s protest

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Hawkesbury council has put distance between itself and Mayor Paula Assaly over her protest walk in front of town hall.

Council voted 4-3 on a resolution denying any support for Mayor Assaly on her actions and statements made as part of her daily noon-hour protest walk last month about what she described as “the toxic atmosphere” at the municipal office for staff and herself.

“Whereas on or about November 9 2021, the Mayor has been demonstrating in front of the Town Hall,” stated the resolution, “while making comments relating to what she deems to be a ‘toxic’ work climate in the Town of Hawkesbury and attributing, at least in part, this ‘toxic’ work climate to one or more employees of the Town of Hawkesbury, and whereas the Council of the Town of Hawkesbury does not adopt or support the action or comments made by Mayor Assaly at her events, especially with regard to employees of the Town of Hawkesbury, therefore the council of the Town of Hawkesbury hereby adopts the following: the actions of the mayor and her comments and her demonstration are not representative of the views of the council of the Town of Hawkesbury. They are not made with the authority of council. Council apologizes to all city employees for the mayor’s actions and requests that this resolution be shared with all city employees.”

Councillors Raymond Campbell, André Chamaillard, Robert Lefebvre and Yves Paquette voted for the resolution. Mayor Assaly and Councillor Lawrence Bogue voted against it. Councillor Antonios Tsourounakis abstained from voting.