Free menstrual products available throughout UCDSB

Free menstrual products available throughout UCDSB

This resulted from a motion presented last spring by former UCDSB student trustee Tain Hughes and approved by the UCDSB board. The motion was unanimously supported, and 337 dispensers were ordered for distribution among UCDSB schools for the start of the 2021-2022 term. 

Tain has since graduated and now attends Queen’s University. She expressed satisfaction that the motion she brought forward has been resolved and implemented. 

“Just knowing that students, such as my younger sister, can now go to school with no external concerns of safety or judgement due to period products is incredible,” Tain stated in a UCDSB news release. “I hope this has left a legacy of care, accommodation, and empathy from the UCDSB, showcasing that they care and hear the students’ voices.” 

The current student trustee, Eshal Ali, is happy that current and future students will have these dispensers available to them. Distribution of menstrual products in schools has been spotty across the UCDSB in the past, but this new resolution changes that. 

“At all our schools, we want students to feel accepted and understood, and allow for open communication to resolve the issues we face with a goal to improve ourselves daily,” stated Ali. “This policy is a large step in the right direction as it helps resolve the issue of economic strain, increase equitability and accessibility, and the awareness of student needs.” 

 “While we have always had menstrual products available in schools, it was made apparent that we weren’t being consistent across the board,” stated UCDSB Chairman John McAllister. “Now, all students will know where to get the products they need, when they need them, without having to worry. We’re also appreciative that the province has recently added support to this initiative by supplying free products to our schools.” 

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