Russell Township council approves several reports

Russell Township council approves several reports

Council received the semi-annual fire department activity report. The departments have been hard at work training their recruits and veterans alike and have made great strides in fire safety. 

Council received and approved a report to authorize the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) to hire a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan Coordinator. The incumbent coordinator will be tasked with implementing the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan as detailed, overseeing all efforts therein, and making regular reports to Council regarding their progress. A salary range has not yet been set. 

Council approved a provincially mandated amendment to the Noise Bylaw that states restrictions cannot be placed on the delivery of goods to certain locations. For example, trucks delivering produce to grocery stores will not be restricted to certain hours due to noise created by their brakes. This only relates to the delivery itself, and not the departure. 

Council approved an amendment to the bylaw prohibiting temporary signs, by adding a section to the bylaw for employment opportunities. Under the newly amended bylaw, temporary signs that advertise for employment opportunities will now be allowed. 

Council approved the motion to allow the administration to apply for the re-chlorination of the Marionville water system under the ICIP Green Infrastructure Stream 2021. After considering the guidelines, the administration concluded that the project was eligible for funding. 

Council approved a bid from EVB Engineering in Cornwall for the design of a wastewater aeration system. The system will keep ammonia levels within acceptable parameters and prevent water contamination. 

Council endorsed a grant from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) for the Canada Community Revitalization Fund Program. No decision was made at the time on the use for the $198,391 grant. 

Council considered the reconfiguration of council chambers in town hall. The priority was to make sure further retrofits to the building would not be required in the future. The possibility of a future increase in the number of councillors was discussed though it was not being considered right now. Council decided to leave things as they are and let the issue be discussed when more facilities will be needed in the future. 

Council received a recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) to increase the size of the gymnasium inside the new Russell Recreation Complex. Several schools have said that the current plan does not offer enough room for tournaments, and a larger gym would offer support for pickleball, which is becoming more popular. Councillors concluded that by the time the Recreation Complex is finished and open to the public, COVID-19 restrictions that prohibit the use of free gymnasium facilities in schools would be rescinded, meaning nobody would pay to use the complex. The recommendation required no decision and was received into the record. 

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