Embrun Train Station Relocation to be Deferred

In its September 8 regular meeting, Russell Township council discussed a proposal from the Crysler Citizen Committee to purchase the old train station in Embrun. The township would get one dollar for the sale, and a balance of $14,404 in the train station reserve would help pay for the relocation, estimated at $12,000. 

Mayor Pierre Leroux noted that he had received an official letter from one community organization, as well as a few informal phone calls, asking for council to defer its decision and allow the opportunity for an organization within the community to put forward an offer. He said it was a good idea and asked the rest of council for comment. 

Councillor Cindy Saucier agreed, saying she had also been contacted by a few people who wanted the decision deferred. Saucier hoped that the station would stay within the community, and said she would like to see what other proposals looked like. 

Councillor Mike Tarnowski said that the decision to approve the sale had gone through the Parks and Recreation Committee (PRC) before appearing to council, and while the PRC hoped that council would make a decision regarding it, it also supports the idea of keeping the building within the community. 

Councillor André Brisson agreed, saying he’s more comfortable spending the relocation money on local community needs. He also suggested that some protective plastic be put over the windows to protect against further degradation, as some of the glass had broken. 

The decision to sell to Crysler was deferred to the first regular council meeting in January 2022, to give community members and organizations time to put forward their own proposals.  

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