CDSBEO school re-entry plan

CDSBEO school re-entry plan

At an August 30 board meeting, the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) discussed the School Re-Entry Plan for the 2021-2022 school year. It’s been updated to include the latest guidance from the Ministry of Education, and three Personal Development (PD) days were scheduled in September to provide staff with training and support. The plan will be updated throughout the school year as new developments and health measures make themselves known. 

“The preparation of staff to ensure safety, re-engagement and mental health support for all students is a priority for the CDSBEO,” stated Associate Director Bonnie Norton. “The alignment of appropriate training around this plan through professional development days taking place on September 1, 2, and 3, will ensure a smooth and successful transition back to school for all learners.”  

The plan assumes most students will attend in-person classes, and secondary students will have a full five hours of instruction in school with no synchronous learning from home. However, the board acknowledges that certain situations may require alternative arrangements. Virtual learning will be provided at the elementary and secondary level for the first half of the school year at least, and new developments will be considered when planning for next semester. 

The plan also considers public health measures. Masks are required in all indoor settings for staff, students (excluding Kindergarten), and essential visitors. Visitors are required to self-screen and confirm with school staff before entering, and are also subject to prove of vaccination. Rigorous cleaning regiments are in place for all schools. Large gatherings such as assemblies are not allowed at this time, but school clubs and field trips will resume after a brief acclimation period. 

“Daily self-screening is still in place,” statedd Norton. “One of the latest changes is that mandatory confirmation of self-screening for all staff and students must be done for the first two weeks of school.” 

The CDSBEO School Re-Entry Plan is available on the board website at 

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