Dr. Roumeliotis supports vaccine passport

Dr. Roumeliotis supports vaccine passport

In his weekly COVID briefing August 30, Dr. Paul Roumeliotis of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) expressed his desire for an Ontario COVID vaccine passport. Although the province offers a downloadable version of an individual’s vaccination record, Roumeliotis made it clear that this digital version is not robust enough for the needs of the community and the needs of health officials. 

A more comprehensive, physical vaccination certificate comparable to the passports being rolled out by Quebec is essential, according to Dr. Roumeliotis. Not only will such a certificate be less clunky and easier to read than the downloadable version, but it will prove beyond a doubt that an individual is indeed vaccinated. 

In the past, individuals who were tired of mandatory masking orders have tried to manufacture “exemption cards” that alleged to offer a medical exemption from wearing a mask. The concern is that some individuals might try to do the same with their vaccination records. A physical certificate, with authentication features akin to those found on currency, would reduce or even eliminate the possibility of this happening. 

Roumeliotis hopes to hear more about the government’s plan on August 31, and he hopes it’s everything that health officials are expecting. 

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