Vankleek Hill Cougars Work on Exhibition Hockey Plans

Vankleek Hill Cougars Work on Exhibition Hockey Plans

After getting benched last season by COVID, the Cougars are planning a show-stopping return to the ice. The schedule for tryouts will be posted by August 16 at the latest with the final team lineup decided by four ice sessions and four exhibition games. Keep an eye on the Cougars’ Facebook page for more information. 

During a recent phone interview, Head Coach Franky Dopelhamer hopes these exhibition games will lead into a normal season. He hasn’t heard anything concrete from the National Capital Junior Hockey League about a normal season, but there is a proposed start date of October 2 as long as pandemic restrictions continue to ease. He’s keeping an eye on the developing COVID situation in the area and says that any new updates will be posted to Facebook. 

He couldn’t yet say anything about potential returning players, although he does hope to have a better idea of the lineup soon. He did mention that the coaches look for a good mix of skill, hockey knowledge, discipline, and a good personality when selecting players. Above all, they have to be as good off the ice as they are on it. 

Meanwhile the Cougars’ 3-Pitch Baseball Tournament is in Grenville August 13 to 15. The schedule is available on the club’s Facebook page. 

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