Email alert: fake parcel delivery scam

Email alert: fake parcel delivery scam

Residents and businesses in the Prescott-Russell region may see email notices that are alleged to be from Canada Post. The email states that a scheduled parcel delivery has been delayed and that the package is stored at a local depot until the recipient contacts Canada Post. 

The email then advises the person or business to choose between two options. One choice is to schedule a new delivery date for the parcel while the other is to arrange for delivery to a new address. Links are provided for either option. 

The clue that the email is suspect is the “Origin of email” address at the top of the email. The sender purports to be someone with “Mail and Parcels Post”, but the email address of origin is not Canada Post. One recipient of one of these suspicious emails noted that the address of origin given was “”, which would indicate its IP is in Japan. Other suspect emails may have different addresses of origin. 

Do not respond to the email. Contact Canada Post to verify if there is a parcel being held and what the correct procedure is for claiming it. If there is no parcel that is waiting for delivery then contact the police. 

Most email scams are attempts to get personal and financial identification information from their targets. Do not provide any personal details or financial information that could be used for identity theft.  

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