Opinion: Cyclists, watch out for dog walkers

Opinion: Cyclists, watch out for dog walkers

My husband and I are regular dog walkers on the Clarence-Rockland recreation trail.  It is a lovely trail and we are very grateful to have use of it.  Our biggest concern is people on bicycles who suddenly come up behind us and we need to jump off the trail quickly to get out of the way.  The problem is that we honestly do not hear them coming.  As walkers, we hear the crunch of our feet on the gravel, the wind in the trees, farm machinery in the fields beside us, and traffic on nearby roads.  Although we shoulder-check frequently, the speed at which many cyclists travel can take us by surprise. 

Cyclists, please, please invest in a bell and warn us that you are coming.  That will give us plenty of time to step off the trail and we can all continue safely on our way. 


Carol Gervais 

Hammond, Ontario 

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