Food trucks for Hawkesbury?

Food trucks for Hawkesbury?

“The possibility of introducing refreshment vehicles and food trucks to the Town of Hawkesbury can be a positive way to stimulate the community’s economy,” stated Myriam Longtin, municipal clerk in brief to council during its June 22 committee of the whole session. 

Longtin wanted council members’ thoughts and opinions on the idea before continuing any work on developing a bylaw and application process on the subject. She noted in her brief that the food truck industry, which boomed in the United States during the past decade “has made significant inroads in Canada” with food truck menus offering a wide range of cuisines. 

Food trucks are not allowed to operate in Hawkesbury but city hall staff have received frequent requests now about rules and application procedures from individuals interested in setting up food trucks within the municipality. 

“Therefore, introducing a bylaw regulating food trucks and a thorough application process in the Town of Hawkesbury is a growing possibility,” stated Longtim, who also provided council with attachments containing the food truck bylaws for the City of Clarence-Rockland, Cornwall, and Hamilton. 

Food truck review 

Longtim cited a Competition Bureau of Canada (CBC) noted that “mobile food services offer many benefits to local residents” that include affordable and convenient food options, jobs, an enhanced pedestrian-friendly street atmosphere and also enhanced safety with “more ‘eyes on the street’” to help detect and deter possible problem situations. 

“Mobile food services can also help fill the void in areas that are not well-served by restaurants,” said Longtim, citing CBC information, “and have positive impacts on other fixed businesses by brining customers to a particular area.” 

Longtim noted that any bylaw and application process for allowing food trucks as businesses within Hawkesbury would include mandatory guidelines dealing with health and safety issues, and could also include regulations regarding locations and other concerns. There would be a separate licensing fee system for food truck operations and also fines and other penalties for infractions of the bylaw. 

Council has received the report for further study and later decision at a future session. 

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