Candid photo shoot session for sewers

Candid photo shoot session for sewers

Council approved a recommendation from Public Works Director Jonathan Wilson for $200,000 to cover the costs of a closed-circuit camera (CCTV) inspection of the town’s storm and sanitary sewer systems. The last CCTV inspection for the systems was in 2008 and public works department wants to update both its asset management plan and also its action plan for future necessary upgrade work. 

The $200,000 will cover the cost for a CCTV inspection of about 36,000 metres of sewer lines. This equals about half of the total system. 

The 2021 capital budget includes $100,000 already allocated for annual rehabilitation work on the sanitary sewer system and the operating budget has $30,000 dedicated to storm sewer inspection. The remaining $70,000 will come from the storm sewer reserve. 

Results of the CCTV inspection will help public works staff evaluate the remaining lifespan of the various sections of the storm and sanitary sewer systems. It will also identify any minor or major repairs that may be necessary and also alert staff to sections of the system that need total reconstruction. 

Another benefit of the CCTV survey is that public works staff can also plan road reconstruction priorities to coincide with scheduled sewer upgrades or repairs. 

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