AP Voters asked “How many councillors needed?”

AP Voters asked “How many councillors needed?”

The township is doing an online survey about a proposal to reduce the number of seats on municipal council from seven to five. 

Last month council reviewed a report about increasing or decreasing the number of seats on council. The overall opinion of council members was that the interests of the township and its residents would be served as well with a five-member council as with the present seven-member setup. 

Alfred-Plantagenet Township was created in 1997, with the amalgamation of Alfred Township, North Plantagenet Township, and the villages of Alfred and Plantagenet. The council for the new township had seven members, including the mayor, and represented four wards. 

In 2016 the number of wards for the township was reduced to two but the number of council seats remained at seven, including the mayor’s post. The current proposal, if approved by council with the support of residents, would reduce the number of seats at council to five, including the mayor’s post but not change the present two-ward setup. 

The township Facebook page will have an online survey link available from July 16 to September 10 for residents to express their opinion about whether the municipality should have a seven-member council or a five-member council. Residents can also find the survey at: www.alfred-plantagenet.com/survey. 

Anyone who has questions about the survey or the issue can contact Annie Rochefort, municipal clerk, during office hours at 613-673-4797, extension 225 or email arochefort@alfred-plantagenet.com. 

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