SNC issues low water level warning

SNC issues low water level warning

Both the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) and the Raisin River Conservation Authority (RRCA) have issues Level One low water condition warnings for their watersheds in the Eastern Ontario region. The South Nation River is one of the tributaries for the Ottawa River while the waters of the Raisin River end up in the St. Lawrence. 

A dry spring season has resulted in below-average precipitation for both watersheds and water levels in the two rivers and their tributary streams are below normal for this time of year. A Level One low water condition situation means there is a potential for water supply problems for municipal and private well systems if water conservation measures are not followed and the low-water condition continues. Levels Two and Three low water conditions would require more serious control measures. 

During the Level One condition all residents and business operations within the Five Counties region are asked to reduce their water consumption by at least 10 per cent to help reduce the pressure on municipal and private well water supply systems. Limit all non-essential water use, including limiting lawn and garden watering to the early-morning and early-evening hours when the ground has the best chance of absorbing water before it starts to evaporate in the sunlight. Use water in a rain barrel, if available, to water plants using a sprinkler can. When using water for cooking, instead of pouring it down the sink, let the water cool in the pot and then use it for watering plants. 

If possible, avoid washing vehicles, or else use a pail of soapy water for quick scrubbing followed by a quick rinse with a hose. 

Residents should also consult their municipality’s website for any notices on water use restrictions. 

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