Census support urged

Census support urged

“It’s extremely important to fill out the census,” said Councillor Antonios Tsourounakis, during a recent council session. 

Councillor Tsourounakis expressed concern about the number of comments he’s seen on social media from people saying they refuse to take part in the 2021 census or else asking what they need to take part in the census. 

Results of the federal census help federal, provincial, regional and municipal governments plan their priorities on infrastructure, social housing needs, health and social service programs, and other issues. 

The census results also help determine the amount of senior-level government financial aid that municipalities may be able to receive from the province or Ottawa under the guidelines for some assistance programs. If a municipality or region shows an increase in its total population since the last federal census then it may be able to qualify for increased financial aid from the provincial and federal governments. 

Statistics Canada mailed out notices of the census to all households earlier in the year. May 11 was the deadline given in the notice to take part in the 2021 census but the federal government continues to air public service announcements urging Canadians to go to www.census.gc.ca and fill out their census form. 

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