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Long weekend opening for SNC recreation sites

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The provincial government’s latest change to its COVID-19 lockdown guidelines means lots of recreation sites open in the Five Counties region for boaters and anglers.

The South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) announced Friday that all of its public recreation and conservation sites and boat launches will be open to users starting with the May long weekend. The reopening of the sites follows the provincial government’s May 20 announcement of relaxation on some of the pandemic restrictions on public recreation areas like golf courses and tennis courts.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to open the remainder of our parks, boat launches and docks,” stated John Mesman, SNC spokesman. “People are eager to explore natural spaces close to home and as long as our visitors continue to use our public spaces safely, we’re happy to provide access to the local environment.”

Visitors at SNC’s conservation areas and boat launches must follow social distancing and other pandemic public health safety protocols. The washroom facilities at all SNC sites will remain closed as part of the public health safety protocol but any play structures on site will be open for use.

Site users with dogs are asked to keep their pets leashed. Also avoid crowding on docks and trails at the sites.

Anglers are reminded to avoid fishing within 23 metres of any dam facility near an SNC recreation site. There are fish ladders set up at dams to help spawning fish go upstream.

SNC conservation areas and recreation sites now open as of the May long weekend include: High Falls and Doran in Casselman, the St-Albert site in St-Albert, Crysler Park boat launch, Embrun boat launch, Cass Bridge in Winchester, Jessup’s Falls in Plantagenet, McIntosh Park in Berwick, Findlay Creek in Ottawa, the Alfred Bog Walk in Alfred, Chesterville Waterfront docks and boat launch, Oak Valley Pioneer Park in Winchester Springs, Spencerville Mill Riverside Park and Boat Launch.

Still open and maintained for public use are: Two Creek Forest in Morrisburg, Oschmann Forest in Ormond, Robert Graham conservation area in Glen Stewart, Warwick Forest in Berwick, the J.Henry Tweed conservation and W.E. Burton conservation areas in Russell, Reveler conservation area in Crysler, and Nokomis Park in Limoges. The Camp Sheldrick conservation area in Winchester is still closed.

More information SNC recreation sites and boat launches is at www.nation.on.