Retaining wall repair plan

Retaining wall repair plan

Public Works Director Jonathan Wilson presented council with two options for rehabilitation and restabilization work on the retaining wall. 

The first option proposed complete reconstruction of the retaining wall at a potential cost of between $2.5 million to $3 million. This option could also result in possible disruption to traffic and businesses along the section of the street affected by retaining wall reconstruction. 

The second option involves what Wilson described as “an innovative process” that the existing wall made more solid through injection of a special material to fill in the empty spaces between and behind all the stonework. The result would be a retaining wall stronger and more solid than it is now. 

Cost for the second option is estimated at between $1.3 million and $1.7 million. Wilson noted this option would mean very little traffic disruption during the work. 

WSP, the consultant engineering firm hired to review the project site and propose methods to restabilize the retaining wall, has experience with the second option method. 

Council approved the second option as the most cost-effective and efficient. 

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