UCPR shares provincial cannabis grant

UCPR shares provincial cannabis grant

The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) has $94,933 left over from the $135,920 it received from the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund. The provincial government set up the fund to provide financial assistance to communities dealing with social and other issues related to the legalization of cannabis in Canada. 

All municipalities in Ontario received one grant-in-aid from the fund to help with staff training and other costs related to legalized cannabis issues. Municipalities which agreed to allow cannabis retail shops to operate within their areas would be eligible for further grants from the fund. 

The UCPR used some of the money from its own grant to develop both a policy and training program for staff regarding cannabis and alcohol-related issues in the workplace. During its April 28 session, UCPR council approved a recommendation to share the unspent grant money among its those Prescott-Russell municipalities that voted to allow cannabis retail stores in their areas. The share amounts are based on the number of households on the 2021 assessment role. 

Alfred-Plantagenet Township will receive $11,697.94 while Champlain Township receives $10,925.53. The Town of Hawkesbury receives $14,105.71 and the City of Clarence-Rockland $26,791.79. Russell Township will receive $17,810.59 while The Nation Municipality gets $13,602.31. 

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