Education pays off on the Sunshine List

Education pays off on the Sunshine List

The Sunshine List has been annual event since 1996 due to the Public Sector Disclosure Act of the Mike Harris Progressive Conservative government. It lists all employees in the public sector with annual salaries of $100,000 or more during the past year. That includes civil service workers for the province and for municipal governments, along with school district employees, hospital workers, and all those employed with non-government agencies in the public sector. 

The numbers for people employed in the education field in Eastern Ontario are some of the largest on the 2020 list for the region, with high salaries spread across administration, support and teaching personnel. 


There are 319 names on the Sunshine List for the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) for 2020. 

UCDSB Director of Education Stephen Sliwa leads the top ten ranking at $238,178.49. Following him in second and third are Jeremy Hobbs, executive superintendent of business, with $195,069.45, and David Coombs, superintendent of schools, at $170,667.12. 

The remaining seven names among the UCDSB top ten are: Gina Landriault, UCDSB learning partner for secondary schools, at $166,323.06; Bill Loshaw, Deanna Perry, and Susan Rutters, each of them superintendent of schools, at $162,468.02; Ron Ferguson, superintendent of human resources, $162,468.02; Marsha Mcnair, superintendent of schools, $168,039.02; and Corey Tinkness, a secondary school teacher, at $148,277.89. 


Le conseil des écoles publiques de l’est ontarien (CEPEO) has 452 names on the 2020 Sunshine List. 

The top three salaries for the CEPEO belong to: Edith Dumont, détachement externe, at $260,697.69; Ann Mahoney, surintendance education, $193,769.50; and Sylvie Tremblay, direction education, $191,768. 

Making up the rest of the top ten salaries for the conseil scolaire are: Claude Deschamps, détachement externe, $182,764.59; Christian-Charles Bouchard, surintendance educations, $170,279.30; Stéphane Vachon, surintendance education, $170,112.45; Marc Chrétien, direction service, $149,111.83; Danielle Ryan, direction service, $149,047.06; François Laperle, direction service, $148,980.36; and Étienne Lessard, direction service, $148,523.14. 


There are 170 names on the Sunshine List for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) 

Leading the CDSBEO top ten salary recipients is John Cameron, director of education, with $216,000. Second is Bonnie G. Norton, associate director, at $205,615.22. Third is Natalie Cameron, superintendent of school effectiveness, at $155,358.06. 

Filling out the top ten salary list for the CDSBEO are: Heather Gerber, principal of special education, at $145,490.01; Brent Bovaird, superintendent of school effectiveness, $145,384.74; Norma Mcdonald, superintendent of school effectiveness, $145,384.74; Barbara Dobrowolski, Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association Office of the First Vice-President, $133,306.98; John Paul Elliott, principal, $130,490.01; Renée Rozon, principal, $130,490.01; and Danny R. Palumbo, principal, $128,742.99. 


Le conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est Ontario (CSDCEO) has 226 names on the 2020 Sunshine List. 

First among the top ten entries is François Turpin, directeur de l’éducation et secrétaire, at $270,492.04. Second is Martin Lavigne, surintendant des affaires et trésorier, with $225,422.10. Third is Chantal-Christine Gratton, surintendante de l’éducation, at $194,569.02. 

Making up the rest of the top ten salaries for the CSDCEO are: Lyne Racine, surintendante de l’éducation, $182,704.23; Annie Dugas, surintendante adjointe, $179,595.91; Lynn M. Charbonneau, surintendante de l’éducation, $163,681.18; Maryse Legault, surintendante de l’éducation, $157,208.32; Marc-André Chouinard, direction service à l’élève, $141, 684.48; Ronald Bender, direction service des immobilizations, $141,322.94; and Robert Séguin, direction service informatique, $141,078.16. 

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