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Council receives pandemic business report

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Clarence-Rockland’s business sector did not go untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic as shown in a preliminary report to city council.

Ali Riel became the City of Clarence-Rockland’s first full-time economic development director just as the pandemic began in spring this year. Riel presented a detailed report of priorities for the department during the six-month period from April to September during counci’’s October 5 committee of the whole session.

Riel noted that the department’s focus had to shift from the original list of economic development priorities to concentrating on assessing the impact of the pandemic on the local economy, what support systems were available to help local businesses survive the pandemic, and also what recovery programs and assistance would be available to aid the business sector to adapt for the future.

The report noted that during the past six months of the pandemic three local businesses closed their doors. Riel’s department also did business impact surveys of local entrepreneurs and made check-in calls on almost 300 businessowners within the city as part of the creation of a local business directory to help highlight local providers of goods and services and foster local shopping by residents.

Riel’s department is now working on a new list of projects for October to December to follow up on the work done during the first wave of the pandemic.