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Ontario “Sunshine List”  is now public

The provincial government has released its annual Sunshine List of high-paying positions for municipalities, hospitals, school districts, and other areas of the public sector.

The provincial annual report lists all public sector employees, both at the provincial and municipal level, who received $100,000 or more in salary or total wages during the year. Among the staff for municipalities, school districts, and public health services agencies serving the Prescott-Russell region, there are more than 1100 names on the list for the year 2019.


The Township of East Hawkesbury is the sole municipality among the eight in Prescott-Russell that has no one on the 2019 Sunshine List.

Among the other seven municipalities the Sunshine List has Roch Hébert, public works director is the sole listing for Alfred-Plantagenet Township, with a salary last year of $105,182.

Both the Municipality of Casselman and Champlain Township have three names on the list. Chief Administrator Paul Knudsen was the highest of the three for Champlain Township at $136,094.96, while Casselman’s highest entry was its general manager, Linda Desjardins-Bergeron, at $141,672.16.

The Nation Municipality and Russell Township each had seven names on the list. The top three for The Nation included Josée Brizard, chief administrator/clerk, at $133,009.52; Marc Legault, public works director, and Cécile Maisonneuve, treasurer, human resources director, and executive director, with each of the two receiving $127,681.36. The top salary for Russell Township was for Jean Leduc, chief administrator, at $155,250.58.

Hawkesbury had eight entries on the 2019 Sunshine List. The top two entries were Daniel Gatien, chief administrator, at $149,987.36, and Michel Poulin, a captain in the Hawkesbury Fire Department, at $147,321.75.

The City of Clarence-Rockland had 11 entries for 2019. The top salary was for Helen Collier, chief administrator, at $153,150.37, followed by Fire Chief Brian Wilson, at $144,364.40. Next highest were for Pierre Boucher, community services director, at $130,421, and Julian Lenhart, infrastructure and planning director, at $130,089.38.


The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) had 37 entries on the 2019 Sunshine List, compared to seven entries for the United Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry (UCSDG).

For the UCPR, the top salaries included: Stéphane Parisien, chief administrator, at $224,847.58; Louise Lalonde, Prescott-Russell Residence administrator, $165,985.61; Judith Richer, nursing coordinator, $151,773.75; and Marc Clermont, public works director, $147,039.60. Pierre Gauthier, human resources director, and Louis Prévost, forestry and planning director, each received $144,014.39, while Carole Lavigne, economic development and tourism director, received $143,889.03.

The UCPR list also included Michel Chrétien, emergency services director, at $124,075.75, and Julie Ménard-Brault, finance director, at $138,357.82. Both retired in autumn of 2019.

The three top UCSDG entries on the list were: Timothy Simpson, chief administrator, $178,659.39; Benjamin De Haan, transportation and planning services director, $148,580.36; Michel St-Onge, information technology services director, $130,633.85.


Hawkesbury & District General Hospital (HGH) and Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) are both regional hospitals which serve families in the Prescott-Russell region. The primary area for HGH is the Town of Hawkesbury and surrounding municipalities in Prescott County, though it also serves clients in Russell County.  Based in Winchester, the primary area for WDMH are the counties of Stormont and Dundas, though some of the facility’s patients also come from Russell Township and neighbouring areas. The Sunshine List entries for HGH totalled 87, compared to WDMH’s 22.

The top three salaries for HGH were Marc Leboutillier, chief executive officer, at $217,774.34; Marilyn San Pablo, registered nurse, $206,095.94; Marcel Leclair, finances and corporate service vice-president, $204,265.54. Other high-ranking salaries included: $193,362.93 for Kar Yin Ho, registered nurse; $162,451.64 for Shelley Coleman, clinical director; $161,468.48 for Nancy Webber-Nixon, registered nurse; and $161,130.59 for Imrana Jeoffrey, vice-president of ambulatory care and quality.

At WDMH the top list entries included: Cholly Boland, chief executive officer, $241,500.17; Lynn Hall, senior vice-president clinical services and chief nursing executive, $157,166.12; Michelle Blouin, chief financial officer and senior vice-president for corporation and information management services, $156,797.12; Sean O’Brien, chief information officer, $135,781.06.


The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) had 18 entries on the 2019 Sunshine List.

Topping the list were: Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, chief medical health officer, $338,152.40; Patricia Gauley, EOHU director, $151,655.15; Nicole Laplante, EOHU director, $151,655.09; Frank Spagnolo, EOHU director, $140,416.79; Thérèse Bourgeois, EOHU director, $134,596.36.

School boards

The four school districts that serve the Prescott-Russell region made up the bulk of local related entries for the 2019 Sunshine List at more than 900 names. The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) had more than 360 entries compared to 198 for le Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (CEPEO) at 198, the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) at 185, and le Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien (CSDCEO) at 166.

The top three entries for the UCDSB were: Stephen Sliwa, education director, $249,769.22; Jeremy Hobbs, human resources and systems operations superintendent, $176,714.40; David Coombs, superintendent of schools, $170,667.12.

Top CEPEO three entries were: Edith Dumont, education director, $220,112.22; Stéphane Vachon, education superintendent, $177,301.35; Ann Mahoney, education superintendent, $169,872.57.

The top three for the CDSBEO are: John Cameron, education director, $216,000; Bonnie G. Norton, associate director, $197,999.90; Natalie Cameron, school effectiveness superintendent, $161,333.37.

Top CSDCEO entries are: François Turpin, education director/secretary, $261,278.88; Martin Lavigne, business superintendent/treasurer, $209,588.87; France D. Lamarche, education superintendent, $186,629.85.

For more details on the annual Sunshine List and the 2019 list of names go to https://www.ontario.ca/page/public-sector-salary-disclosure?_ga=2.66422567.828586443.1584976997-1651181975.1561573561.