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le Jeudi 12 mars 2020 21:08 | mis à jour le 8 avril 2022 19:22 Tribune-Express (Hawkesbury)

Coronavirus concern keeps schools closed after spring break

Spring break this year will be longer than usual for some students as the provincial government plans to keep all public schools closed for an extra two weeks because of novel coronovirus concerns.

The government issued a statement Thursday afternoon announcing plans to keep all public schools in Ontario closed for two more weeks following the annual week-long March break.

“We recognize the significant impact this decision will have on families, students, schools, as well as the broader community, but this precaution is necessary to keep people safe,” stated the government news release.

The government’s decision is based on concerns about the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease, Covid-19. The decision follows a recommendation from Dr. David Williams, Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, and experts at the Covid-19 Command Table.

The decision means about 2 million Ontario students who attend public elementary and secondary schools will be out of class from March 14 until April 5.

“The health and well-being of Ontarians are our government’s number one priority,” stated the government release, adding that “decisive action” is necessary to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The government’s decision will mean some working parents have to rush now to arrange child care for their younger children. The decision could affect the number of health care workers available for duty if some of them have to stay home to care for their children during the extended break.