Alexandria hospital also ready for coronavirus

Alexandria hospital also ready for coronavirus

“When we first got wind of the coronavirus, we made sure to maintain and update that plan, and it is in fact up to date and ready to go. So internally, what we’ve really done differently since coronavirus became a concern was to make sure that our staff are up to date on the training for personal protective equipment.”

There are no cases so far in the area, but even before the emergence of the new virus, the hospital has had a long-established pandemic response plan. This is an internal plan designed to make sure the hospital is able to respond to any kind of emergency like the coronavirus.

This dates all the way back to 2003, when many hospitals in the area were all surprised by SARS. Ever since that, it’s pretty standard that hospitals maintain pandemic plans, explained Cohen.

The pandemic plan includes measures that ensure the hospital is able to provide patient care and operate as required. Staff is well trained to don the appropriate protective equipment like special masks, gloves and gowns. In the unlikely event there is a pandemic response required, both the staff and other patients are protected against any virus they might come into contact with, and the hospital may deliver the best possible care.

The hospital has acquired certain technologies and equipment needed in such situations. For instance, the hospital has multiple negative pressure rooms that ensure no germs can escape the room where patients are being treated, with very little risk to staff and other patients outside that area.

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