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le Jeudi 9 janvier 2020 4:10 | mis à jour le 8 avril 2022 19:18 Vision (Clarence-Rockland)

New rates for utilities services

New user fee rates for water, sewer, and garbage collection services was the last item of business for Clarence-Rockland city council before its Christmas break.

The final item on the agenda for City Council, during its December 16, 2019, regular session, was approval of the 2020 user fee schedules for water, sewer, garbage collection, and recycling collection services for homeowners and businesses.

The good news for homeowners is there will be no change to the residential garbage collection fee. That will remain fixed at the 2019 rate of $187.50 for the year. The commercial rate will also remain the same at $400 for collection of individual bags. Businesses that use a dumpster for their garbage will be charged at the rate of $150 per tonne, with a minimum charge of at least $2,225 for the year.

Water and sewage services fees will increase by four per cent on the fixed rate portion of the residential and commercial service charge. There is a two per cent increase on the consumption rate. Connection fees for new municipal water and sewer customers will increase by two per cent compared to the 2019 rate, totalling $3,421 for water service and $3,080 for sewer service.

Other rate changes, if applicable, are listed in Schedule A of Bylaws 2019-118 and 119.