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Larose Forest gets bigger

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The Larose Forest is already a favourite place for local and out-of-town hikers and mountain bikers and it’s going to be even more popular soon.

The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) will acquire 77 acres of woodland adjacent to the Larose Forest. The community forest straddles the boundary between The Nation Municipality and the City of Clarence-Rockland near the Village of Bourget, and the new land addition will increase the Larose Forest to more than 2700 acres and provide new additions to the existing network of recreational hiking and biking trails.

“It’s going to be quite amazing,” said Louis Prévost, UCPR director of planning and forestry. “This (land) has real recreation potential.”

The new addition to the community forest is near the Village of Limoges. Prévost noted that when work begins on extending the existing Larose trails network into the new area, it will allow a connecting link to the recreational walking and biking paths in the village.

UCPR council approved using $237,000 from the Larose Forest reserve fund for the land purchase. Prévost noted that the new trails’ addition would be restricted to hiking and biking, and not open to either ATVs or snowmobiles, because the terrain has many deep gullies.