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Good Samaritans receive service awards

  supplied photo
supplied photo
Two residents of Russell Township were honoured for being Good Samaritans and helping save a woman’s life.

On New Year’s Eve in December 2018, Elaine Bourget stepped outside of her home to get some fresh air and slipped on a patch of ice.

Deux bons samaritains reconnus

She was unable to get back on her feet and lay helpless for six hours in the freezing cold, hurt and in danger of frostbite.

Alain Bertrand was driving by early on New Year’s Day morning and saw the injured woman. He stopped and got out to help. He ran to a neighbour’s house and got Brigitte Lanthier to call 911.

The two of them then brought blankets and covered Elaine Bourget and stayed by her side, to make sure she remained conscious until the ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital.

Bourget was in the hospital for two months for treatment of her injuries.

At the December 2, 2019 session of Russell Township council, Elaine Bourget was reunited with Brigitte Lanthier and Alain Bertrand (see photo) as the latter two received Citizenship Recognition Awards for their Good Samaritan actions, which saved Bourget’s life.