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How much for mayors to sit on counties council?

How much should it cost taxpayers for local mayors to sit on the counties council?

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Russell Township Mayor Pierre Leroux has what he thinks is an easy and non-political method to calculate how much United Counties of Prescott-Russell council members should get paid.

“I would like to know what’s the impact if we go to a per resident rate for determining counties council salaries,” Leroux said during the UCPR council’s Wednesday committee of the whole session.

Leroux calculated that right now the annual stipend for each mayor on UCPR council breaks down to 25 cents per resident in the Prescott-Russell region, based on the most recent federal census figures. A per resident fee system, he argued, means that the only change to the UCPR council salary for mayors would occur every four years following the federal census.

“It looks bad to residents when councils give themselves a raise,” he said. “This would take all the politics out of looking at it.”

Leroux said another benefit of such a system is that it would be easy for taxpayers to understand how the mayors are paid for sitting on UCPR council and why there might be an increase, or decrease, in their annual stipend.

UCPR council asked the finance department to look into the idea and provide a report later in the month to include as part of the discussions for the 2020 budget.