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Shortwave Radio celebration Saturday

  Supplied photo
Supplied photo
Before there was Facebook and Twitter, the master of social media was the amateur radio operator chatting on shortwave with fellow enthusiasts all around the world.

The Internet has now replaced shortwave radio as the chief means of global communication, but amateur radio enthusiasts and their self-sufficient equipment (see photo) remain an important part of every country’s emergency broadcast system during times of major disasters when regular cellphone or computer communications service is not available.

The Prescott-Russell Amateur Radio Club (PRARC) hosts its annual Field Day event June 22 at the large gazebo in Confederation Park in Hawkesbury. ARC members go on the air starting 2 p.m., Saturday, to connect with other amateur radio operators in a 24-hour shortwave chat across the North America continent until 2 p.m. Sunday.

When not on the radio chatting with other amateur radio operators, ARC members will be on site at Confederation Park to talk to visitors about the history of amateur radio and its continuing importance as an emergency communications system in the 21st Century.