Council wants answers on recent flooding

Council wants answers on recent flooding

“What we’re looking for is why this happened,” quipped councillor and acting mayor for the June 3 council meeting, Carl Grimard. “We all have our thoughts, but I mean, someone has to go up the river literally, and find out how it started. It’s not normal.”

 Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Clarence-Rockland, Helen Collier, outlined that the Province of Ontario already has a plan in place to create a task force that would look into the situation. “They (the Province) are just waiting for the states of emergencies to be over and then they will establish the task force,” she said.

 Councillor Diane Choinière expressed doubt regarding the independence of the investigation. “Wouldn’t it be better to have an independent company to assess what happened, because if it’s the government that is at fault…”

 “Yeah but who pays for it?” quickly asked councillor Zanth. “We should specify that they hire an independent company,” answered Choinière.


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