Rockland District High School students create digital cookbook supporting local organizations

Anil Jhalli
Rockland District High School students create digital cookbook supporting local organizations
(Photo : Anil Jhalli - EAP)

Students at Rockland District High School have been waiting for this moment for far too long.  

The unveiling of a months long project where the proceeds of their creation go towards supporting three Rockland based organizations that help the residents of the community.  

On Thursday, June 13 inside the walls of Rockland District High School during the school’s international food fair, students, community partners, staff and teachers will witness the unveiling of a digital cookbook created by grade 10 to 12 students in one of teacher Kate Conway’s Food and Culture class.  

Visitors to the school’s international food fair this week will have the chance to sample some of the students’ original recipes for $5 a plate, with proceeds going towards the school projects three local partners: Rockland Food Bank, Rockland Full Bellies and the Rockland Community Garden.  

“This particular group of kids out of the classes I teach is the most reserved and quiet, which can read, and you wonder how engaged they are in what we are trying to do,” said Conway. “And then they get in the kitchen, and they pull it off. It has been great seeing them come out of their shell that way, and really work as a team to create this digital cookbook. They have worked hard, and I am excited for everyone to see what they have done.” 

The cookbook features 35 recipes, all created by the students in the Food and Culture class.  

“There’s a little bit of everything for everyone,” added Conway of what the cookbook features. 

Students have been working on the project for past few months and have created a cookbook that champions nutritional awareness while showcasing cultural diversity with its recipes.  

The students are applying their classroom learning by making a real-world impact while combining digital media and their culinary skills towards direct community service.  

Grade 11 student Ethan Sinnett-Piche said there was a sense of fulfillment for what the students have created, especially with its impact and support towards the local community.  

“We are excited for people to see what we have done,” added the student. “There were some ups and downs, and we were able to work together to get something done that really benefits some great causes in our community.” 

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