Dr. Nadler will stand trial on murder charges

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Dr. Nadler will stand trial on murder charges
Deux procès contre le HGH sont maintenant au centre de l'affaire du Dr Nadler après que le médecin a été acquitté de toutes les accusations en début de semaine. La famille d'une des victimes poursuit le HGH pour 1,75 million de dollars et le Dr Nadler poursuit l'hôpital pour 20 millions de dollars. (Photo : File)

Pre-trial hearings for the Québec doctor who worked at the HGH wrapped up las Friday, May 12, following two weeks of the court reviewing evidence and testimony from Crown counsel. The court ruled that enough evidence was presented to warrant Nadler going to trial on four counts of murder.

Dr. Brian Nadler was first charged with the first-degree murder of Albert Poidinger, 89, in March 2021. Nadler was later charged with the deaths of Claire Brière, 80, Lorraine Lalande, 79, and Judith Lungulescu, 93, who are all said to have died around the same time.

Nadler’s lawyer, famed criminal defence counsel Brian Greenspan, maintains his client’s innocence, stating that all of his patients died from COVID-19. Nadler scheduled to appear at the L’Orignal court again on May 26. A trial date has yet to be set.

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