Clarence Creek Skating Club hosts provincial event

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Clarence Creek Skating Club hosts provincial event
Skate Mania

More than 200 skaters and an audience of 600 people from Eastern, Central and Northern Ontario descended upon the Clarence-Rockland Arena for the annual event.

The young skaters, including those competing in the Special Olympics category, had the chance to show off the skills they’ve developed over the year and were given the chance to win gold, silver and bronze ribbons.

Steve Whittaker, president of the Skate Mania local organizing committee, said he is proud of the skaters who got out on the ice in front of a big crowd.

“It’s a huge it’s a scary thing,” said Whittaker. “The Clarence Creek Arena is small, and then we put them on the big ice pad in the Clarence-Rockland arena and have judges sitting in the stands. It’s intimidating.”

Despite the high pressure, Whittaker believes the programs are well designed to teach kids the importance of getting up after you fall and focus on continuous improvement.

Whittaker was particularly proud of hosting the Special Olympics kids, the first time they have had a chance to compete in more than three years.

“They were all happy to be out there,” he said. “It was amazing how much our skaters went out to watch them and how much they were cheered on by each other. It was a great event for all the kids.”

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