More than $3 million in AP budget building plans

Par Raymond Berthiaume
More than $3 million in AP budget building plans
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The budget council approved in mid-January includes $2,069,967 worth of road improvement projects for the municipality. The total capital budget is more than $3 million to deal 34 projects, including 10 major upgrades to municipal roads.

Township road improvements this year include paving plans for Concession 2 in the VAlfred sector, from Boundary Road to Ouellette Road; Concession 2 in the Wendover sector, from County Road 19 westward; Concession in the Plantagenet sector, from Sarrazin Street to Highway 16; Concession 9 in the Plantagenet sector, from County Road 19 to Highway 16; and Concession 4 in the Plantagenet sector, from County Road 19 eastward.

Fiver township roads will see new gravel coverings. They include Concession 9 in the Plantagenet sector, from County Road 9 to the river; Concession 7 in the Plantagenet sector, from County Road 9 to Route 11; Rang St-Jean and Concession 7 in the Alfred sector, from Ritchance Road to Peat Moss Road; Route 16 in the Curran sector, from Concession7 to Concession 8; and Route 25 in the Plantagenet sector, from Concession 3 to the existing asphalt-paved section.

Other capital works projects include: paving the parking lot at Larocque Park in Alfred, building a parking lot at the Plantagenet ball field, and constructing a gravel pathway at Treadwell Park. Other community recreation improvements include purchase and installation of entrance arches at Larocque Woods in Alfred, buying and installing new structures at the Alfred skateboard park, building an outdoor performance stage at Lefaivre Riverside Park, installation of structures for the benefit of seniors at the Lefaivre Riverside Park, installing a drainage culvert at Denis St-Pierre Park in Wendover and also doing trail construction at Denis St-Pierre Park, and repairs to the sanitary block at the Lefaivre Marina.

The capital works budget includes money allocated towards purchase of a new dump truck, a hay mill, and fencing for the Wendover stormwater retention basin. The Alfred-Plantagenet Fire Department will have new firefighting gear for its members and money directed for plans for a new fire station in Alfred. The budget also includes funding for development studies for future roads and bridge works, a Lefaivre Drinking Water Master Plan, and an environmental assessment of the Village of Plantagenet’s sanitary facility.

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