Beau’s renovates its taproom

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Beau’s renovates its taproom
Beau's reno

“Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work, we need to be closed when it happens.” said Beau’s GM Josh Gottlieb. “It’s just a functional need to do some building repair work at this time.”

Renovations on the flooring, including concrete removal, have already started at the Vankleek Hill Taproom. The taproom will need to close as the brewery is reinsulated. After functional maintenance work, the brewery will expand the area available to customers in the taproom to be able to rent the taproom for group events and host a larger number of customers.

Gottlieb says the floorspace enlargement work should start in spring of this year, but does not expect the taproom will need to shut down for a long period of time for the work to be completed.

“The new space will borrow from the existing space, and there will be harmony there” says Gottlieb. “As we’re looking at things like our fixtures, lighting and so on, we want those things to be consistent. We also want to enhance our space a little bit, so we might see some new things come in to play when we’re looking at those fixtures, but the overall aesthetic of the place is certainly not changing.”

Gottlieb didn’t reveal if the taproom floorspace expansion was due to beer production being partly moved to a different facility since Beau’s merger with Steam whistle, but added “there definitely is some space that we’re able to make use of, that we didn’t have before.”

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