OPP arrests Rockland woman with imitation firearm

Par Christine Laniel
OPP arrests Rockland woman with imitation firearm
Une femme est mise à terre par des agents armés de la Police provinciale de l'Ontario dans le stationnement d'un centre commercial sur la rue Laurier, à Rockland.

Shortly after 8 a.m. on January 17, officers from the Russell and Hawkesbury OPP detachments, with assistance from the East Region Emergency Response Team (ERT), responded to an incident at a local business located in the plaza at the corner of Laurier Street and Heritage Drive. Bystanders reported that a woman was behaving and driving erratically, and the heavy police presence was due to a report of a firearm, which was eventually found to be an imitation.

As a result, the 43-year-old woman was detained and charged with possession of an imitation firearm and dangerous operation of a vehicle. There are no further details of the incident at this time, and the woman’s intent remains unknown.

The plaza at 2768 Laurier Street is home to a pharmacy, a Domino’s Pizza, a salon, a dentistry clinic, a Pronature hunting and fishing store, and a daycare.

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