New stipend rates for East Hawkesbury council

Par Raymond Berthiaume
New stipend rates for East Hawkesbury council
East Hawkesbury stipends

Bylaw 2022-59 sets the rates for the stipends that the mayor, deputy mayor and councillors receive for their work on council, including time spent during council meetings and on various advisory committees and municipal commissions to which they are assigned during their term in office.

Mayor Robert Kirby will receive $19,791, effective January 1 2022, for his position as mayor for 2022 and 2023. There will be a three-per-cent increase to his annual stipend for 2024 and a two-per-cent increase for 2025 and 2026. He will receive $120 a month for travel expenses on municipal business, and an annual expense account up to $1500 for any costs incurred while on municipal business, with receipts required for official documentation of the expense account.

Deputy Mayor Jacques Tranchemontagne and Councillors Monique Desjardins, Stéphanie Sabourin, and Karina Sauvé will each receive $15,000 as their council stipend for 2023, with a three-per-cent increase in 2024 and a two-per-cent increase in 2025 and 2026. They will each have a monthly travel allowance of $60 for travel expenses on municipal business.

All council members will receive stipends of $160 for attending at special sessions of council. Each will receive $160 for every meeting of an advisory committee or a municipal commission or board to which they are appointed as a council representative so long as they are not already receiving a stipend for attending that meeting. If any member of council is attending a conference or convention as a confirmed representative of the township they will be allowed a $160 per diem and a $100-per-day meal allowance. The township will pay registration fees for convention attendance. Any other expenses a council member related to attendance at a conference or convention must be approved by council in advance.

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