New draft for East Hawkesbury 2023 budget

Par Raymond Berthiaume
New draft for East Hawkesbury 2023 budget
East Hawkesbury budget

“If no changes are requested, then they will be able to approve it,” said Luc Lalonde, township chief administrator, during a phone interview following the December 12 council session.

Lalonde presented the new draft of the proposed 2023 budget based on suggestions from council during last month’s original presentation. The proposed budget calls for $5,183,162 in operations and capital works expenses.

Almost half of the township’s expenses for next year will be covered through senior government grants and other funding sources. That leaves a municipal levy of $2,481,333 that the township must raise through property taxes. This year’s budget includes a 3.5-per-cent tax increase to deal with the municipal levy.

The current draft of the budget will come back to council in January for final review and approval if there are no further changes.

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