VCI students recognized for conflict resolution

Par Raymond Berthiaume
VCI students recognized for conflict resolution
VCI students recognition

The Hawkesbury Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) awarded certificates recognizing three young ladies for their conflict resolution skills.

During the Grade 8 Welcoming Day in June, three students by the names of Samina Zaki, Jayden Szewczyk, and Haylie Densmore-Nadeau got into a disagreement. Nothing came of the fight, but once school started in September, VCI Principal Christie Walker called the girls into her office to prematurely resolve any future conflicts.

To her surprise, the three students had reached out of their own accord to find common ground and understand each other. Impressed, Walker recommended to the OPP that the girls receive recognition for their leadership, courage, and problem-solving. The OPP awarded each a certificate spotlighting their conflict resolution skills in a ceremony on September 28, presided over at the school by Detachment Commander Chris McGillis and Staff Sergeant Anne Christine Gauthier.

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