Tim Stewart versus Francois St-Amour for Ward 1 seat

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Tim Stewart versus Francois St-Amour for Ward 1 seat
Tim Stewart

Tim Stewart outlined his campaign platform for Ward 1 of The Nation Municipality. His campaign centers around being more transparent and communicating more with people.

“I’ve been interested in politics at all levels for a long time,” he said. “I chose to get involved now because of my decreasing level of trust in all levels of government, not just municipal. Governments seem to be following narratives and not talking to the everyday person. People would come to my father when he was councillor, and he would tell them the truth and explain how council had come to decisions, but they just don’t do that at any level anymore. I want to bring that back.

“When I was a paramedic, I prided myself on being able to keep stressed family members and loved ones, and my patients, very informed. Sometimes the information or the answers I have for them are not what they want to hear, so I try to be caring but very clear and honest, and I think people appreciate that honesty.”

Stewart is campaigning opposite current Mayor Francois St-Amour, who has decided to step down as mayor and seek a councillor’s seat again. Stewart doesn’t mind running against St-Amour, but noted that he and many others wonder why St-Amour is stepping down as mayor, himself included.

“I don’t mind running against him, but it’s really the number one question I get going door to door,” he said. “People are confused why he would go from a long-time mayor to running for council, it’s not something you see very often. But whether it’s Frank or someone else running for council, it doesn’t change what I want to get out there and who I am going to be and why I think I would be the best person for the job.”

Stewart noted that he and his family have been living and helping in the community for generations, and he feels he knows how everything works and what everyone wants.

“I’m the fifth generation living on a family farm in the middle of Ward 1,” he said. “I started on the fishing committee when I was 14 years old, I was a firefighter here in The Nation for 18 years, I have lots of family and personal connections in the community. People know what I’m interested in accomplishing, and people want to talk to me about it, so I think I have a pretty good feel on how people are feeling about local politics.”

Residents will cast their vote in the municipal elections on October 24.

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