« I’m running for my daughter”: council candidate Woodruff

Par Raymond Berthiaume
« I’m running for my daughter”: council candidate Woodruff
candidate Woodruff

A resident of Ward 2, Woodruff wants to ensure the downtown area of Rockland is not ignored as the city expands and focus is placed on developments outside of the city centre.

“My focus is making sure my daughter can live her entire life in Rockland if she chooses to,” Woodruff said. “But right now the cost of living is rising and people are leaving. That’s leading to a decline in the community that has helped raise her.”

While much of his previous work and activism has focused on making politics more accessible to everyone at a provincial and federal level, Woodruff said he now realizes he can have the greatest impact at the municipal level where he is more closely connected to the community.

“Council is often viewed as a part-time job, but for me it will be full-time,” Woodruff said. “I want to make people’s lives better. I want to empower them. I want to engage them.”

According to Woodruff, the Rockland community has been remarkably supportive of him and his daughter through difficult periods and running for council is one way he’s able to give back.

“I’ve lived in poverty, I’ve lived on ODSP [Ontario Disability Support Program], I’ve lined up at the food bank, and at my lowest point the community came together to support me and my daughter,” said Woodruff. “My desire to run comes from a desire to directly impact the community that has been so supportive of me and my daughter.”

Municipal elections will take place on October 24, 2022. All registered candidates and their contact information can be found on the Clarence-Rockland website. Voters are encouraged to visit VoterLookup.ca to confirm their registration status and update their information.

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