Keeping Terry Fox’s legacy alive

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Keeping Terry Fox’s legacy alive
Terry Fox Run East Hawkesbury

On a cloudy Sunday morning, inside the visitor’s centre office at Voyageur Provincial Park near Chute-à-Blondeau, Linda Groulx and Ria Korno fill out their registration forms for the 2022 Terry Fox Run event at the park.

The two Hawkesbury women are doing their part September 18 to support Terry’s Dream. They are honouring pledges they made to help keep his legacy alive since they took part in the first annual Terry Fox Run in September 1981.

« I’ve missed a few, » said Groulx. « One because of knee surgery. »

Both of them have personal reasons for being part of the annual Terry Fox Run.

« I’m also a cancer survivor, » said Korno. « That’s one reason. Also, it’s to give people with cancer hope, and to honour Terry’s memory. »

« I know so many people who’ve had cancer, » said Groulx.

« We hope for a cure, » said Korno.

There were a dozen registrations, both individual and one team, on the Terry Fox Foundation website for this year’s Terry Fox Run event in Chute-à-Blondeau. More than $800 was confirmed Sunday morning towards the $1000 goal for the local event. Anyone who would still like to donate to the event can go to

The Terry Fox School Run is scheduled for September 23. Anyone would like to pledge a student or class taking part in the event can contact their neighbourhood school and ask who is taking part in the Friday event.

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